What more could you achieve if you had
more comfortable, productive, and healthy workdays?

Next series starts Mid-Feb 2020

Series outline:

Session 1: Intro to Healthy Workspaces
• In this session we will review the habits of a healthy workday and learn to identify how to organize our workspace and work routine to allow for more productivity, comfort, and healthy breaks. In this session, we also set goals and start laying out a roadmap for results.

Session 2: Breathwork for Productivity
• Deepen your understanding and practice of utilizing the breath for stress relief and mental clarity.

Session 3: Self-Massage and Mobility.
• Learn to keep limber, remedy aches and pains related to repetitive tasks and strains.

Session 4: Intro to Sleep Hygiene
• Learn best practices for down-regulating stress and having restorative deep sleep.

Each session includes guided techniques, exercises, and easy to implement assignments designed to help participants to take action in building healthy habits during their workday.


  • Included with your training is a free self-massage ball! Target tight ans sore muscles with this easy to use massage tool. Great for manual use or against your desk chair, car seat, a wall, or the floor.
  • Invitation to join #TheBreakArea (https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheBreakArea/) to share in taking breaks, actionable self-care, and growing community around workplace wellness. Gain access to weekly tips and resources that have created results for hundreds of hard working people like you.#TheBreakArea is dedicated to show members just how possible it is to destress and refresh within minutes or less. Join anytime, invite anyone you think could use a break.