Wellness and Productivity Training

Mobilize your staff team with education and training for enhancing workplace ergonomics and wellness culture.


Designed for employers who believe in providing healthy options for their staff such as the following:

Habits of a Healthy Workday

  • Simple and effective habits for managing stress and boosting energy in any workday.

Healthy Workspaces

  • Make the most out of existing workspace ergonomics and how to optimize your workspace for health and productivity

Self-Massage and Mobility

  • Learn to keep limber, remedy aches and pains related to repetitive tasks and strains.

Breath work for Productivity

  • Deepen your understanding and practice of utilizing the breath for stress relief and mental clarity.

Sleep Hygiene

  • Learn best practices for down-regulating stress and having restorative deep sleep.


Contact 403-923-5957 or TimK@inHabitWellness.ca to for more info or to customize a team training for your ergonomic and wellness needs.