About inHabit

Our clients have more active, productive, and refreshing workdays. By providing healthy workspace tools and educating on healthy work habits we help our clients to overcome common workplace stressors while working in an environment that promotes well-being. Our process focuses on ergonomic wellness, team wellness training, and healthy workspace design.



Ergonomic Wellness | Feel Better at Work

  • Ergonomic assessment and training with focus on stress management and well-being.
  • Action planning for healthy habits and productivity including detailed reporting and cost analysis.
  • Recommendations for optimizing the workspace. Learn More…

Employee Training | Retain Healthy, Happy Employees

  • Interactive workshops on the Habits of a Healthy Workday, where participants learn on-the-go stress management and the key elements of a healthy workspace.
  • Suitable for private team training, lunch n learns, or conference workshops.
  • Adaptable to various industries such as, OH&S, Property Management, Labour, and Education. Learn More…

Healthy Workspaces | Tools for a healthy workday

  • Sit-stand solutions such as standing desks and active standing mats
  • Adapt to any workspace – from modular units to full-size desks
  • Add the right accessories to improve overall health such as air purifiers, computer glasses, and ergonomic accessories. Shop…


About Tim Kessler

cropped-headshot1-e1441829742331Ergonomic Wellness Specialist, Tim Kessler, conducts workspace assessments and wellness training, and provides consultation on designing healthy work environments.

His experience in personal wellness, Occupational Health and Safety, and high- stress work environments provide Tim passion for empowering his clients to gain physical mobility, remedy stress, and to design healthy work habitats.

Tim has been consulting individuals, groups, and corporate clients since 2009. Tim is a Mount Royal University Graduate in Sports and Recreation Management and has trained in martial arts, personal training, physical therapy, and family counselling.