What is your most common work-stress, ailment, or health issue?

What if you could start feeling better within as little as 3 minutes?

I’ve put together inHabit’s most effective Habits of a Healthy Workday, right here, for free. Because after years of years of experimenting, researching, and pairing my clients’ most common work-stressors with ‘built-in’ solutions they can use anywhere and anytime, I’ve come to wish for every overworked, stressed, and burned-out professional to be equipped for their most stressful workdays.

These habits work great on their own, and are best:

For when that afternoon slump hits and coffee just makes it worse.

For when you need a break and find yourself going cross-eyed scrolling social media.

For when you’ve been sitting all day, your back hurts and there’s SO much more work to do.

For when you just cleared your inbox/to do list and a bunch more magically appears.

and simply, for when you wish you could just feel better.


Habits of a Healthy Workday:

An introduction to the most accessible, free, and effective methods for anyone to just feel better in as little as 3 minutes.


Just like any new habit, repetition is key. What you put into it you get out of it, and of course, you will bump into old habits along the way.


If you’d like to go deeper into any one stressor you face in the workday, comment or private messageĀ inHabit Workplace Wellness.

Make Your Workday a Healthy Day

Feel Better at Work: Habits of a Healthy Workday Intro

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