I was asked if I think ‘living by integrity and values are a thing of the past’. Here is my response.

It is all in how you view the world, literally. From my view and line of work, I see this year being a monumental year for Spiritual and Personal Development. The state of the world is making people scratch their heads about their own lives and how to become part of the solution-revolution! Right now is the best of times for people to reconnect with their core values and transcend them throughout the entire being 🙂


However, I do appreciate the concern and awareness of the corrupt ‘tentacles’ this world seems to be smothered in. At this point we are seeing a growing void within our society, those whom want to work within it and by it’s rules, or those whom are living towards a better quality of life. Where I think we have seen a rise in scams, greasy business models and so forth (such as MLM’s) we see a prime example of people who want to be free and living for a good cause, however are mislead, filled full of honourable reasons to ‘join the club and drink the juice’! I speak from my own experience.


Integrity and Values are of high interest in many ares as well, Monsanto is getting slated by the public, people want organic natural food. Animal protection awareness is on a huge rise, and much much more. We live in a world where information and fact rule all. We all have access to an unfathomable amount of resources for the facts, internet and technology allow us to speak our voice, find cold hard facts, and cause global shifts among billions every day.


Powerful tools are in our grasp, each of us will use them in our own way. Now, more than ever before, does 1 human have a grasp on the state of our planet.


Now, more than ever before, can 1 person shine their true colours to the rest of the world.




My Response: “Are living by integrity and values a thing of the past?”

2 thoughts on “My Response: “Are living by integrity and values a thing of the past?”

  • March 8, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    I agree with your statement completely. It has been extremely hard to have integrity and principles, but then apply them in my day to day life. From my experience, which I hope is uncommon, the individual with a strong moral compass and sence of compassion is subject to manipulation, then abuse. I have always followed a reasonably strict code of ethics and have seldom if ever gone with the flow. If people asked me to join the club or drink the juice..I would say “thanks but no thanks” while respecting there opinions and lifestyles. This then results in increasing pressure to the point of using lies and scams to get me to indulge them. When that doesnt work these individuals become like bullies in playground just throwing an endless stream of name calling and de-moralising behaviour, even to extent of violence. I am referering primarily to life in a work place and not on a massive social level. As I said, I hope my experience is rare. Your words have really spoken to me.

    • March 14, 2012 at 5:02 pm

      Thanks for your input Keith 🙂 How does this show up in your life?


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