March is upon us!


Have you filed your income tax yet? Wow, it’s March already, how are your New Years Resolutions going? Got any summer plans?


It’s conversations like these that got me thinking about why this is the BEST month of the year for YOU to make positive change!




You have the most realistic view of where your life is at right now!


The government is asking you about your income. You are focused on your personal and financial goals and resolutions. Summer is coming and you are budgeting time and money so you can be with family and friends. How are you making it all work?  Whew! Work to live, live to work. This mentality is so very prominent in society, and it seems to be a major stress generator among the working class. It can demotivate, especially because finances end up looking like they dictating how much the rest of this year will look.


Practicing the ‘work to live’ mentality only prepares you to be good and working to live. It means that you have to work now, so hopefully, you can live a little later and the more you believe that, the more it becomes true and the better you get at all that comes along with it; worry and stress, with a hint of relief once or twice a year. This mentality has you focused on how little you have now, and how much you need to bust your ass to get what you want. It’s mind numbing, it takes you out of the moment and has you worried about the inevitable and the external.


Maybe you don’t feel on track with your goals, or taxes are stressing you out, and you aren’t sure about what fun you can afford this summer. Worry, stress, worry stress… Are you willing to change that? I mean, are you ready to feel on track, and to enjoy this process much as possible with what you have?


Work to Live? If you haven’t noticed, you are Living right now! You are doing it 24/7! Your body is alive, your mind is full of noise, your heart is filled with potential to love, and above all, you are right here in this moment. You have the choice to notice yourself and to nourish yourself in this way, or whatever way you want. It is up to you to make a positive change in how you measure our happiness.


Making this positive change starts with the relationship you have with yourself. Here are some tips that will bring you closer to understanding what you need beyond the external and within each moment of your day.



  • Re-assess your Resolutions.  It’s at this time of year that most people have forgot or given up on their resolutions. Instead of focusing on a futuristic goal such as losing 10 pounds, focus on what you are doing every day to become healthier. Make new resolutions that are focused on what you can do every day to better your lifestyle.
  • Take care of your mind by listening to your thoughts and questioning what you believe in. Do this while getting ready for the day, driving to work, while going to the bathroom, and so on. Eventually you will develop a habit of noticing the thoughts you have, and how your belief systems are what truly dictate your happiness, what doesn’t effect you, and what you think negatively about. Journaling your thoughts before bed is also a great way to clear your mind and get a good night sleep.
  • Take care of your body by moving with purpose. Notice how stretching and rolling around under you blanket in the morning feels so good? Keep it up! Realize that by moving, you are waking up your muscles, releasing toxins, lubricating joints, etc. You wake up your mind and think clearer. The list goes on and on! Instead of watching t.v or surfing aimlessly on the internet, learn some body-weight fitness like the TIKE LIFE 17 Minute Workout ( for free! I am sure there are 17 minutes in most of your days where you can devote to being responsible for you physical health.
  • Eat healthier for the same or less of what you already spend on food. Nutritional awareness is at an all time high. Right now, you have the best opportunity to start eating healthier without even having to switch grocery stores. Everywhere I look, I am seeing ‘organic’, ‘gluten-free’, ‘dairy-free’, ‘vegan’, etc. Do yourself a favor and experiment with eating cleaner and perhaps learn something new!
  • Laugh a little, love a little, live a little. Once you start providing your body and mind with the attention they deserve, you will start to notice a few things. Things that used to bother you won’t bother you anymore, and perhaps you will even find humour in it! When you are feeling good, and you have YOU to thank for it, not much else can really throw your mood. The relationship you have with yourself becomes a loving and grateful act! At this point, you have something to share with others as well, now you too can express your happiness onto others.  

And oh, yeah it’s 2012!


The world is in need of some major changes. We’ve seen revolutions change countries, government’s dismantled, and all sorts of protests happen as a result of many things. Right now, more than ever, the world population is supporting each other in getting back in touch with the Earth through collaboration and taking action. Just by choosing to change how you think and behave in your life, you are becoming part of a revolution, the Revolution of the Self!


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With Enthusiasm!

Tim Kessler

March Madness! Why now is the BEST month to make positive change and how You are the only thing standing in the way.

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