As many notable mixed martial artists have stated,”after the training is done, the fight is 10% physical and 90% mental.”


A highly successful person in my business life was giving a speech the other day and she related her great lifestyle to how she views life. “I have a strong belief that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react.”


Having heard this belief related to MMA for many years and now hearing it related to life in general, something clicked. Every I look lately I am finding more and more ways to relate the martial arts to life. My experience with leadership development and the martial arts have been major passions of mine for years and each day the two fit together more and more.


Now let’s think about this for a bit. How are they really so related?


Well, in MMA, one must be versed in many areas. To be versed in many areas takes a significant amount of body awareness and core development. From striking, to wrestling, to submissions, thousands of techniques are possible. Whichever techniques are used depend on the approach of the individual. On paper, two martial artists could look very different. From the outside some martial artists could not look impressive at all. Physical attributes range heavily in MMA. Out of logic, good martial artists develop a game plan; a strategy that, in theory, should result in a successful bout. Still, no matter how hard the martial artist and the coaches and analysts study and plan, it all comes down to putting the plan into action. No one can account for what will take place when it all matters the most.


Life is very similar.


Stay tuned for Part 2!


With Enthusiasm,
Tim Kessler


How MMA/Life are 10% about what happens to us, and 90% about how we react. Pt.1

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