I was at a ‘meet and greet’ last night for a side job that I have and there was a parent speaking about his daughter’s experience with the company. The job itself is not why I am writing so that will remain disclosed, however, the speaker spoke of something that has resonated well with me.

“Relationships Trump Debates”

I instantly thought about how it relates to the public and MMA. As some of you may know, MMA has a very controversial reputation in the public. Younger generations crave it and older generations think it is full of ‘mouth breathing knuckle draggers’. I have encountered this problem many times with my ventures and I am driven to do my part to expose the public to what is behind some dudes fighting in a cage.

Let’s look at the quote itself, “relationships trump debates”. What does that mean to you? It could mean that in relationships, debates happen and both sides can agree to disagree. It could mean that in relationships, debates happen and both sides are willing to work through a disagreement until a common ground is found; a typical ‘win-win’ scenario. I look it it in a way that when there is a good connection between two parties, that debates, no matter how big or small, can never break what holds that relationship together.

Now, you might be asking why I am getting so ‘deep’ with this. If you are at all interested in MMA, think about this.

When a relationship is built strong and both parties are exposed to each in an honest and willing manner, a bond is formed. Relationships happen in the first place when two parties notice something that they want in each other. From there they are willing to experience each other openly. To relate this to MMA and the general public, we gotta figure out what it is that each side wants.

MMA wants mainstream acceptance and for the sport to be governed on the same playing field across the world. The under-educated public, wants society to participate in safe activities that promote health and wellness (I think this is fair to say). To find a common ground where both parties can get what they want, the public needs some way of being exposed to the sport in a manner that brings them health and wellness.

It may seem obvious that a great outcome would be for everyone to treat MMA like any other sport; what’s not so obvious is the HOW that will happen.

What do you think? How do you see the HOW?
With Enthusiasm,
Tim Kessler

Relationships Trump Debates/ MMA and the Under-educated public

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