External Awareness

Just as in the martial arts, awareness is key. Awareness of the body, nutrition, lifestyle, mental fitness etc. Awareness of your game plan, your opponent, your corner. The first step to awareness in life and self-realization is to be aware that we all are unaware! Not only does this mean that nobody knows everything, it means there is just reason to be humble, to be respectful, and to be a student of every person you meet! And like I said, this is only the first step.

Being aware of what is around you is very important. When you sit back and observe your surroundings, your mind opens up. You might realize how little control you have over external factors in life. You may find it easy to understand that you cannot control the weather, cars driving by, and what you see on the news; this is not what I am talking about. I am talking about people, people who have little influence in your life like at a busy grocery store and especially the people who have major influence on you like family, friends, and even considered enemies.

If you take it personally when someone you do not even know looks at you wrong, then your external awareness might be very underdeveloped. If someone you love and truly care about tells you something you do not like and you are able to take it as it is, find opportunity in the situation, and move forward without thinking twice, then your external awareness might be very developed. Whether your external awareness is underdeveloped or very developed, you need to accept it! Because once you accept where you are now in your mind, you can start to make healthy choices to design who you are.

As in MMA, success is not always about what your opponent does (external awareness). It is not even about how physically developed you are or how diligent your game plan is. It is about how healthy your mind is, especially when the time comes to step into the cage. In other words, 90% of life/MMA is how we react.

Think about this for a while, the next step is to look inward and to start exploring internal awareness.

Stay tuned for Part 3: Internal Awareness!

With Enthusiasm,
Tim Kessler

Life/MMA is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react Pt. 2: External Awareness

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